A bill made of raw materials with no significant value, holds so much importance in our day-to-day life, carefully convincing us on how crucial it is, to live happily.
Get a paper certificate of our intelligence?
Get a paper certificate of our love?
Get a paper certificate of our worth?

Is the imagination being curbed? Is the mind being repressed in chained bondage, manipulated to believe this path will alchemize the dream into a reality, help master the art and achieve happiness? But, who can define happiness anyway?

A faint feeling of my body pumping a chemical into my brain, fostering a seamless illusion to all of these notions magically disappearing into thin air. Travelling across a time ineffable, stretching to touch the unreachable, a scent from a place unrecognizable yet so familiar, a sensation to chase a passion, to manifest an emotion, to create a life that is ‘meaningful’ in the true depths of that oath.

The universe is awake. The universe is waking me up.

Now it is time to listen to the voice within and have faith in the power the mind possesses.
For then, we shall reign as free spirits!